Mist Separator


Mainly used to separate and eliminate mist from liquid droplets in gas process and mist in the exhaust degassing device. Since various demister elements are installed inside this separator, the trapping port (negative pressure zone) for the separating liquid becomes negative during operation, preventing the separating liquid from being sucked into the collecting port or from scattering again, thus realizing high separation efficiency.
High separation efficiency Even though the separation efficiency will be Different from particle size of the mist, content, specific gravity, and viscosity and the amount of gas, It is normally over 90%.
No Clogging It’s a current inertial mist separator, it is No Clogging by gas containing dust.
In addition, a cleaning device ( spray nozzle) can be installed for the mist containing highly viscous flow.
Low pressure drop ( High gas velocity ) The baffled-type element structurally has low resistance and it can be processed with low pressure drop even at high gas flow velocity.
Easy maintenance Easy maintenance caused by no need driving device and control during system operating.
Heat resistance, corrosion resistance The DEMISTER element can be designed, manufactured with various materials and specifications based on case by usage conditions.