Mist Eliminator
( STS304, STS316L )
( MAT’L P.P)


Mist eliminator is a device that separates, filters and to collect small waterdroplets (mist) in the form of aerosol that scatter in a container during absorption, separation, and extract of the chemical process. The Mist Eliminator was developed in various forms. The mist eliminator is frequently used to remove fine water droplets sprayed from the spray nozzle in the scrubber as a substitute for the demister and It can be excellent performance. The VANE type mist eliminator is also called a Baffled-type mist eliminator or chevron type.


Type BAFFLED type ( VANE type / EQ.Chevron )
Shape Zig- Zag type, Modified Zig-Zag type, Modified Lamellar type
Pass NO. 4 Pass, 3Pass, 2Pass
Pitch 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm ( Pitches can be adjusted. Generally, a 30 mm pitch is used. )
Material PP, STS304, STS316L
( An appropriate heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material can be selected depending on the usage conditions. )


Use and Application
Clogging occurs due to the high-viscosity property of mist and dust (viscous fluid)
Provides the condition of
use is high flow velocity
Provide the mist particle
size is not fine
  1. No clogging occurs when separating and eliminating large amounts dust or viscous mist from the fluid; it is suitable for separating relatively rough water droplets. ( mostly applied to fine particles measuring over 30 μ)
  2. Due to the structure of the eliminator, there is low resistance loss, and it can be used with low pressure drop even at high gas flow velocity (Less pressure drop)
  3. It’s suitable for large capacity gas processing and high efficiency for space and affordable cost. Easy handling to process in maintenance
  4. An appropriate heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material can be selected depending on the usage conditions, and it is made of various materials ; P.P, stainless steel such as STS316L, STS304, etc.
  5. Mist separation and collection by installing in plant processing before-after. (extending plant life, energy-saving effect)


Examples of the baffled mist eliminator
( Vane type / Style no. DSB-30S / Mat’l STS304, STS316L )


How it works