FRP Business Unit
1. FRP Features
It is possible to manufacture any shape of products. It is light so compared with other materials, it is easy to install. Compared with moulding, the cost of making a mold is remarkably low. It is possible to produce many products, using a mold. In addition, various covers for the appearance, models, interior and exterior accessories, and various shapes are available.
< FRP’s Strength >
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance
  •   Corrosion-resistant FRP shows excellent corrosion resistance against acid, alkali, and salt solution.
  • Light and strong

    Its specific gravity is about 1/5 of that of iron so it is light, but its strength against weight is big so it is easy to transport, install, and mount. It is good for large equipment, tanks, pipes, facilities for the prevention of environmental pollution, chemical systems, and other industrial facilities.

  • Excellent heat-resistance

    It is different from thermal plastic resin like vinyl chloride and polyethylene. It is thermosetting resin so it is not softened or transformed at high temperature. In addition, it is not broken or cracked either.

  • Strong lagging property

    Its thermal conduction rate is 1/200 of iron and its adiabatic property is good so the treatment of keeping warm or cool is not necessary.

  • Great quality
  •   It doesn’t use a metal so no metal is melted in the contents and there is little quality change.
  • Extensive workability

    Various molding methods, such as hand lay up and filament winding, are available, depending on the shape and the use of molded products. Molding for large or complicated facilities is possible at a time. In addition, the construction work is performed on the spot so it is possible to make ultra-large equipment which is difficult to be transported.

    < Harmful gas treatment facility >
  • Excellent pollution preventing facility, Scrubber

    Scrubber forms a fluid membrane or a waterdrop, and purifies the gas polluted by the contact with dust-contained gases. Its strength is that is can treat dust, bad smell, and harmful gases at the same time. As a cleaning liquid, water is used, but depending on the solubility of pollutants, a solvent can be used.

    < Use of scrubber >
  • Facilities in chemical plants that discharge harmful gases
  • Facilities for the steel industry that discharge dust and gases
  • Process that soluble bad smell is generated
  • Facilities for the pulp and paper manufacturing industry that discharge
       harmful gases
  • Desulfurization systems for the exhaust gas from each line of a factory
  • Facilities in coating factories and incinerators that discharge harmful
  • Facilities for the semiconductors industry that discharge various harmful
  • < Chemical industry >
  • Corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant tank

    A tank is one of the necessaries for a plant and its importance is getting bigger. Recently, in the plant business, the storage of raw materials and products is on increase, but the storage tank is specified as a simple tank. Daeshin Demister offers economically efficient corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant tanks based on the sufficient experience of constructing storage tanks suitable for contents, temperature, and pressure.

    < Use of corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant tanks >
  • Steel industry, Metal industry, Iron works
  • Chemical plants
  • Paper and pulp factory
  • Semiconductor, medicine, and food factory
  • Facilities that require the storage of liquids, such as waste water disposal
  • Tanks requiring corrosion-resistance and chemical-resistance
  • < Industrial Plant Facilities >
  •   They are essential for all the facilities. FRP ducts and fittings have the highest competitiveness in terms of corrosion-resistance, specific gravity, and strength. Based on a lot of experiences, Daeshin Demister designs them for economic efficiency. Daeshin Demister produces the best ducts, using a computer-controlled filament winding system, so the facilities of high quality are offered.
    < Use of duct & fitting >
  • Gas transporting facilities in petrochemical plants
  • Gas transporting facilities in chemical fertilizer plants
  • Facilities requiring corrosion-resistance and chemistry-resistance, such
       as semiconductors and coating factories
  • General dust transporting facilities for air-conditioning
  • Facilities requiring other liquids or high pressure
  •   Daeshin Demister, by itself, produces F/W machine that is necessary for the production of FRP products, and its excellence has been recognized by domestic excellent FRP companies. Especially, P.C Interface that has been developed by Daeshin Demister offers excellent environment for use.
    < Features of FRP winding machine >
  • Interworking control for the main and the auxiliary axis
  • Memory of various patterns
  • Excellent working environment
  • Unique P.C connection function that is developed by Daeshin Demister
  • Powerful forecasting control (simulation available)
  • Production of good quality through perfect patterns by precise control
  • < Chemical pollution >
  •   For the best optimum conditions, how about having FRP lining that has excellent corrosion-resistance and high strength Only the excellent, strong material is used and thorough and perfect construction shortens the working period and improves productivity. The efficient construction is based on long experiences so the construction period is shortened. A material which has good repair efficiency is used. Daeshin Demister will do its best to make a contribution to the improvement of customers’ competitiveness.
    < Use F.R.P LINING >
  • Waste water disposal plants and water-purifying plants / Where chemical-resistance is required, such as
       neutralization tanks and fat-removing tanks
  • Inside and outside of acid and base storage tanks / Semiconductor, chemical, and oil refining factories
  • Storing place for noxious things
  • Where corrosion-resistance and chemical-resistance are required
  • GMP of pharmaceutical companies, Precision instrument factories
  • Factory floor that receives load, such as chemical and coating factories
  • Concrete structures requiring waterproof / Seriously corroded places, such as waste water disposal plants
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