Business Areas
Major Business
Design, Production, and Delivery of Mist Separation Equipments by use for the various industrial facility and plant.
Major Items
Demister, Mist Eliminator(Separator), Oil Mist Separator, Air Filter, Tower Packing,
Mist Separation Equipment …ETC.
Application Area
Mist Separation Equipments for the various Industrial facilities and plants (maintenance/repair) ; petroleum (oil) plants, chemical (pharmaceutical) plants, steel plants, power generation facilities, city gas, shipbuilding, semiconductor, incinerator facilities (energy recycling),food production facilities, salt production, sugar refinery,alcohol factory, pulp mill, etc.
Designed and manufactured Demister and Mist Eliminator products by use for the various industrial facilities and plants based on the long experiences and know-how of mist separation and removal technology.