About us
CEO Greeting
We would like to express my deepest gratitude to all customers who visited us. As a company Specializing in manufacturing Mist separation equipment, DAE SHIN DEMISTER has designed, manufactured, and supplied DEMISTER and MIST ELIMINATOR for the industrial facility plants ; Petroleum (oil refining), Steel, Chemical, Power generating Plants, and other various industrial facility plants in air environment for the last 30years.

Since its establishment in 1990, DAE SHIN DEMISTER CO. has been committed to developing mist separation and removal technology with a sense of mission. In addition, we are leading the field of air -environment equipment for industrial facility and plants through the development of new technologies, best quality, and maximized product efficiency.
By developing high-efficiency technologies, providing the highest quality, and standardizing products, we supply our products quickly and accurately for domestic and foreign companies. We also provide design and construction services for the replacement of tower internals, packaging facilities, for existing facilities. We will develop the eco-friendly mist separation and removal technology required by the global market, provide world-class quality, and have the best competitiveness to cope with the era of globalization.

We promise to be the company that our customers need, always doing our best to serve with an attitude of hard work. We look forward to customers’ continued cooperation and support in the future. Thank you.